Welcome to the Broken Pencil Design website! My name is C. Ruth Neudahl, and I am the artist behind Broken Pencil Design. My mission is:

"As sole proprietor of Broken Pencil Design my goal is to provide a diverse source of art that must be cutting edge with a sense of good design to the community in which I live – to uplift, inspire and give wonderment."

My Table of Contents, T.O.C., listed below is filled with much of the artwork I've created – imagery, illustrations (books, too!), jewelry and more! Feel free to check out all my work. Note that there are pieces for sale and they are marked with a "Giclée Print Available" –

A giclée print is a process for producing high-quality reproductions of images such as paintings or photographs using a fine art pigment printer. All prints are $17 unless otherwise marked, which includes shipping and is printed on an archival, 8" x 10" paper. If you want to have a larger size please email me through the email link below.

Broken Pencil Design has an Etsy.com Shop! Click Here and check out my inventory there. It's all set up with PayPal, so purchasing is really easy. Soon I will expand my current eBay presence as well to include a Broken Pencil Design online artist's studio, too.

I encourage you to like, or pin or share my images in the T. O. C. below using the links provided. Get the word out, because Broken Pencil Design has a lot of heart and I want to make it a place to find cool stuff. I intend not only exhibit and sell my work, but also include local artisans from the Mid-Missouri area that otherwise would have no venue for their work. Future plans? Expansion into a brick'n'mortar by early 2016. Look for us in Jefferson City, Missouri. Announcements will be posted here!

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, please contact me via email at...

C. Ruth's Headbrokenpencildesign@yahoo.com

C. Ruth Neudahl

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  • Drawing/Cartooning
    • Book Illustrations / Published
    • Transmates / Comic Book Starter
    • Dougeries / Book’s Working Title ~ Dragons'n'Such
    • Miscellany

  • Graphic Design
    • Logos
      • POTL / Picnic on the Ledge
      • .....
      • Catharus Creative
      • .....
    • Websites
      • POTL / Picnic on the Ledge ~ Logo development as well as site design.
      • Saturn Systems ~ Logo development as well as site design, and Saturn System’s current website ~ leaving T.O.C. ~ still using the logo and tag lines that I originally developed.
      • Graphic Education, Inc. ~ Site designs, logos and animations.
      • EPA Duluth Lab ~ Watershed Systems and Intranet Graphics
      • EPA Ecotox ~ Created Database Query Graphics ~ Leaving T.O.C.
    • Print Media
    • .....

  • Multi-Media
    • Onandaga Cave Project / U of MO, Columbia ~
      Responsible for all the illustrations and animations except the M.O.E.
      Unit and also shot all the photography and 360° pans.
    • ??????? ~
    • ??????? ~ ???????
    • ???????

  • Paintings
    • ???????
    • ???????
    • ???????
    • ???????

  • Photography
    • ???????
    • ???????
    • ???????
    • ???????