Welcome to Picnic On the Ledge...

   We saved you a place and are thrilled you made it! We have created this site with you in mind, alright honestly we did it for ourselves, but we were hoping to gather you all along the way. You know that moment when you enter the meeting at work after it has started, or finally find a parking spot at the school 15 minutes after the event has started and you are just HOPING someone saved you a place so you could slip in undetected? Well, we are the three saving your spot.

   Picnic On the Ledge is dedicated to connecting women who know how to put makeup on in the car, giggle with girlfriends about the insane amount of juggling they do on any given day, and most of all just want a safe spot to acknowledge that at one time we wanted it all, but now we are not sure we can maintain it all! (that is without breaking something)

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